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Richmoor Multi-Purpose Compost is perfect for all your growing needs, from sowing seeds and cuttings to potting up hanging baskets and containers.

The special blend of ingredients provides the ideal growing media for plants, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. Our unique recipe incorporates fertiliser and recycled green materials rich in nutrients.


Hanging Baskets and Containers

For baskets, ensure a suitable liner is used with drainage holes. Half fill the basket with compost and compress slightly, position your plants and cover the roots with compost by filling the remainder of the basket – just up to the rim of the basket. Firm down the compost and water well. For containers, ensure the pot has a drainage hole and fill it half full, compress the compost slightly, position your plants and cover the roots with compost by filling the remainder of the container. Firm down the compost and water well.

Sowing Seeds and Cuttings

Fill trays or pots with compost and firm down slightly. Collect your seeds or cuttings and gently place them in the compost. For seeds, check the recommended sowing depth, for cuttings push the stem of the cutting into the compost to the correct depth. Water well and keep in a warm sheltered position, preferably indoors.

Beds and Borders

Richmoor Multi-Purpose Compost can be used to revitalise tired beds and borders by mixing it with the existing compost. Alternatively, the product can be used to fill a bed or border, follow the above instructions depending on your intended plants.

Use Inside and Out

Richmoor Multi-Purpose Compost is great for your house plants too, it can be used for plants that live indoors, just as you would for a container in your garden.


Safety Tip

Growing media and Soil Improvers are principally composed of organic materials and naturally contain a range of micro-organisms. These are mostly benign but some may very rarely cause problems in susceptible people – particularly if inhaled, to minimise and risks when handling we recommend the following:

  • Store product in a cool, dry place
  • Open pack carefully and avoid breathing dust
  • Wear gloves when gardening and wash hands thoroughly afterwards
  • Re-seal the pack after use
  • In case of any adverse reaction seek medical advice immediately and discontinue use of the product
  • Work in a well-ventilated area
  • Do not ingest the product

This product contains a blend of sustainable natural materials and recycled materials, it may therefore occasionally contain sharp objects and it is advisable to always wear gloves when handling this product.

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This is the second time we have ordered compost from Arthur David. My wife who is the gardening expert tells me that it is excellent quality.

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Best compost I have ever used!

Excellent compost

Great compost