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137 Gin

In 2017, whilst at a lunch meeting with a friend within the spirits industry, Pete discussed the huge growth in popularity of gin! While enjoying a G&T later that day onic and sat there thinking this is nice and how cool it would be if I myself could make gin like this I love a challenge and creative side of me got me thinking more and more then the research started.

Further research into the history of gin and how to become a distiller. The more Pete discovered the more it fascinated him. With the creative skills he already possessed and the motivation from what he had learnt he envisioned building something from nothing. That nothing was the courtyard...The Distillery was born.

Pete used a Bristol graffiti artist to design the motif used on the front label. It was important to have ties to where he was born and to give the bottle a distinct look. This complemented the unique bottle that he sourced from a glass bottle maker in France. However, further challenges occurred, as bespoke corkers were then required from Portugal to fit the large bottle neck.

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